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Rules for the DoD:S OpenCup Fall 2008
In Inglish

Rules for the DoD:S OpenCup Fall 2008

1. General
  1. The ClanBase DoD:S OC is an online tournament for European, Russian or Israeli players only. The supervisors may only allow players from other regions after discussing this with the Chief of Cups and if pings are less of an issue. If enough players of another region sign up there is a good chance we will make an extra division for that region so those clans could play each other there.
  2. Playing with non-European, Russian or Israeli players in a European, Russian or Israeli clan is allowed but during a match 60% or higher of a clans players has to be European, Russian or Israeli at all times. The non-European, Russian or Israeli players ping will be considered the same as the worst ping of the European, Russian or Israeli players (unless the non-European, Russian or Israeli players have a lower ping) and must adjust to European, Russian or Israeli timezones.
  3. Clans are selected for EuroCup participation based on their stability (i.e. the ability to complete leagues) and their strength as proven by official match results (or the results of their players in other clans). Practice results are irrelevant. Unproven clans will only be considered if their players have completed competitions with top clans before. To broaden the international appeal of the EuroCup, the best clan of country A may get preference over the nth best clan of country B.
  4. Players are selected for participation based on their proven stability (i.e. the ability to complete leagues), their reputation and their experience with international online matches.
  5. Players who violate the following rules may be given a card. In serious cases the supervisors may consult with the ClanBase Crew and a decision to impose a temporary or permanent ban from all ClanBase competitions may be taken. A clan can be given 3 types of card:
    • Yellow card : This card is given out for small rule violations. When a yellow card is given in some cases a match result could be changed in favor of the opposing player. Other then that this card mostly is a warning. A second yellow card is to be considered as one red card.
    • Red card : The match in which they received this card will be changed into a forfeit loss. In some cases this card is handed out together with one or more player bans. A second red card falls in the category 'Two red cards' below.
    • Two red cards: A player that has been given two red cards will be kicked from the cup. In some cases a second red card is handed out together with player and/or an entire clan ban(s) for 1 or more seasons.
    Only 1 card can be given for each match. In case of several violations only the most severe card will be handed out. However, all extra punishments for each of the rule that was violated are still applied. When a player is given a red card all previous given yellow cards are removed.
  6. Abusive behaviour towards a ClanBase Crew Admin or Supervisor, Referee or opponent, at any time during the cup season, can be punished by the supervisor. Sanction: . If the abuse is severe a supervisor can also punish with a temporary or permanent removal from the cup of either the offending players or the entire clan.
  7. The Clanleader or Teamcaptain is responsible for his own members knowing and following the rules. A Clanleader or Teamcaptain breaking the rules may incur penalties against the whole clan in case of an OpenCup, EuroCup or country in case of a NationsCup.
  8. ClanBase reserves the right to broadcast every match. This can be done with online game broadcast tools for spectating purposes. The recording of such broadcasts can't be refused by the players. In many cases ClanBase will allow or ask third parties to broadcast the matches. Spectators may never be charged.

2. Tournament Layout

  1. You will play against each opponent in your group, playing one game per week. At the end of this group stage, the highest ranked clans will proceed to the playoff and play a knockout until the final game.
  2. For some Featured Cups we will run to a tighter schedule and play more than 1 match per week. For more details check the Cup Page.
  3. Play-Off Tree 4 clans

    Semi Finals

    1st Group A
    #1 Winner #1
    2nd Group B

    #3 Cup Winner
    1st Group B
    #2 Winner #2
    2nd Group A

    Loser #1

    #4 3rd Place

    Loser #2
  4. Play-Off Tree 8 clans

    Round 1
    Semi Finals

    1st Group A
    #1 Winner #1
    2nd Group B

    #5 Winner #5
    1st Group D

    #2 Winner #2
    2nd Group C

    #7 Cup Winner
    1st Group C

    #3 Winner #3
    2nd Group D

    #6 Winner #6
    1st Group B
    #4 Winner #4 Loser #5
    2nd Group A

    #8 3rd Place

    Loser #6

3. Supervisors

  1. The cup is supervised by Cup Supervisors who are responsible for enforcing the rules, scheduling matches that aren't scheduled on time by the clans, and recruiting and coaching Referees and Writers. For any problems, contact the Cup Supervisors on the cup's IRC channel or through the e-mail address linked below the menu on the Front Page of this cup.
  2. If several Referees are signed up the Cup Supervisor(s) decides who will referee the match.

4. Referees

  1. A Referee is someone who helps ClanBase during cups, he is not a part of and also not related to the ClanBase Crew and may not call himself a CB Admin. Referees are able to enter matchreports and matchresults for cup matches, outside that cup they are regular ClanBase users. Referees who abuse their position may be removed from the Referee lists.
  2. Referees are appointed by the Cup Supervisor. If you want to become a Referee, use the Admin Signup link in the cup menu and sign up there. You will also be required to supply further information such as evidence of your experience. Someone who is not (yet) appointed as a Referee may admin a match only if both clans are made aware of this and agree with it. Anyone who falsely pretends to be a Referee will be banned from ClanBase, and the maps he adminned do not count unless both teams agree that they should.
  3. A Referee makes sure the match is played according to the rules, records demos, takes screenshots, enters match results and makes match reports (with screenshots) on ClanBase.
  4. Clans may refuse a Referee for the following reasons:
    • The clan of the Referee is playing in the same group.
    • The Referee's clan is a likely playoff candidate.
    • The Referee has the same nationality as the majority of players in the other clan.
    • The Referee is a known friend of the other clan.
    If a clan wishes to refuse a Referee they must announce this as soon as the Referee is known. Once the match procedures (server testing, etc.) have started, a Referee can no longer be refused.
  5. If a clan breaks a rule without the Referee noticing, they are still liable for the consequences.
  6. Referees are free to chase any player during a match.
  7. Referees have the right to kick players who abuse them or their opponents and who continue to do so after one clear warning. A player that has been kicked is banned from the rest of the match and the clan must complete the rest of the map with a player short. No matter how wrong you think a Referee is, stay polite; being abusive won't ever help. If you think that the Referee has made the wrong decision, but you can't convince him of it at the time, inform the Cup Supervisor(s) of it after the match.
  8. When there are not enough Referees available for all matches, the matches of clans who have an active Referee in their ranks will get preference.
  9. If there is no Referee available to admin your match, please follow these steps:
    • Go through the server testing procedure as explained in these rules. In case of a conflict or disagreement, consult a supervisor or a cup admin on the cup channel or the game channel, not in the #clanbase channel.
    • Keep logs of everything that is said on IRC. Sanction: Yellow Card.
    • Send the match result and the screenshots to the supervisor by email immediately after the match.

5. Clans and Players

  1. Clans who quit the cup or who are removed from the cup for 2 noshows/forfeits are likely to be excluded from the next cup season.
  2. Players always have to be easily identifiable to cup admins, opponents and spectators. Therefore, players must use easily identifiable nicks which are the same as (or very closely resemble) those registered on their Allowed Players List both on IRC and in-game. Sanctions: Yellow Card.
  3. A EuroCup and its corresponding OpenCup are considered to be one and the same cup in the following rules.
  4. A clan can only use players during a match who are shown on their Allowed Players List and have not played in the same cup for another clan. Using a player who is on your APL, but is not allowed to play (f.e they played for another clan in the same week) will result in a Red Card and match forfeit.
  5. All other players can only play after they're added to the Allowed Player List having fulfilled the criteria in the table below.
  6. A player must be on the Allowed Playerlist (APL) before being allowed to play a match. If a player plays who isn't on the APL the clan will receive a Red card and a forfeit loss. When a player would have been allowed to be added to the APL (thus would have no problem going through the new member procedure) the clan will only get a Yellow card and the match result will not be changed.
  7. Any player who has legitimately been on the clan's Allowed Player List during the cup (and then subsequently removed) can be re-added immediately provided they haven't played for any other clans since the removal. This player will not count towards the total of 3 new players during the Group Phase or 1 new player during the Playoffs.
  8. If a player is on the Allowed Players List of more than 1 clan in the cup, they are only eligible to play for 1 clan of their choice. To play for another clan during the cup they must meet the following criteria.
    • Their new clan are not in a lower division than the previous clan.
    • The clan have not already added 3 new players during this Cup.
    • The clan have not already added 1 new player during the Playoff Stage.
    • The player must spend 1 matchweek (from Monday to Sunday) without playing for any clan in this cup. For Example if the player played on the Thursday of matchweek 1, they will not be eligible to play for their new clan until Monday of matchweek 3.
    • A matchweek is a week in which matches are scheduled to be played according to the official match roster, this includes the Wildcard week directly after the Group Stage. Any extra weeks off before playoffs/semi-finals etc are not considered to be a matchweek.

  9. I want to add a new player to my APL!
    1. Has the player already played for another clan in this cup? Yes Higher Division: not allowed
    Same or Lower Division: NMP, go to step 4.
    No Go to step 2
    2. Did the player play in the corresponding cup in the Spring 2008 Season? Yes Player can only play 1 division lower than last season, go to step 3.
    No Go to step 3
    3. Has the player already played for your clan in the cup? Yes Add the player, they can play right away.
    No Go to step 4
    4. Do you want to add during the Group Stage? Yes NMP, max. 3 players per season
    No Go to step 5
    5. Do you want to add during the Playoff Stage? Yes NMP, max. 1 player per season
    (if Group Stage total is <3)
    No I think you did something wrong!
    What is the New Member Procedure (NMP)?
    1. Add the player to your clan
    2. The player must spend or have spent 1 entire matchweek (Mo-Su) before or during the group phase without playing for any clan in the cup.
    3. Fill out the APL Form
    4. Happy gaming!
  10. A player who played a match for a clan whilst not being on the Allowed Players List will receive the following punishment for player and clan:-
    • If the player would have been allowed to play, but was not on the Allowed Players List then the clan and player receive a Yellow Card.
    • If the player would NOT have been allowed even if he was on the Allowed Players List then the clan and player receive a Red Card (and forfeit the match).
  11. Any attempt by a clan to deceive the Supervisors by letting a player fakenick, or providing deliberately false information (including faking match scores) will result in the clan being removed from the cup. Additionally any players involved in the match may be banned if it can be proven that they were aware of an attempt to break the rules. If this attempted deceit occurred in the last week of group matches or later then the player(s) will also be banned from the next cup season. In serious cases (e.g. lying even when warned) the Cup Supervisors may consult with the Cup Chiefs and a decision to impose a temporary or permanent ban from all ClanBase competitions may be taken.

6. GUIDs

  1. GUID's are unique identifiers used in games to recognize players. Examples: SteamID, PB guid, CoD2 guid, UT2004 guid, ETpro guid, DMW client nr and Xbox Live Gamertag.
  2. Every player must register their GUID on the GUID page before they play any matches.
  3. The last change of a GUID can not be done later than 24 hours before a match. Players who did not register the correct GUID more than 24 hours before a match will be rewarded with a Red card and match forfeit for their team unless the supervisor was informed in advance with a valid reason. If no supervisor is around at the time of the match this must be done by a private message to both Cupsupervisors on ClanBase (stating a clear reason).
  4. Only the last entered GUID (the one you can see on your account's page) in the changelog will be considered as valid to play with. If the clan can proof beyond reasonable doubt that it is the correct player who played, only a Yellow card is given and the match result will not be changed.

7. Group Rankings

  1. Group rankings are worked out by the following rules, in order of importance:-
    1. Number of Wins.
    2. Number of Draws.
    3. Result of the matches between tied clans. (E.g. 2 clans are tied clan A wins from B. Clan A ranks higher then B. / 3 clans or more: Clan A wins from clan B and C, and clan B wins from C. Then the ranking is 1 = A / 2 = B / 3= C)
    4. Net Secondary points shown on the ranking page (E.g 24/10 - Net Secondary points are 24 - 10 = 14). Be that flags / mapwins / rounds / tickets.
    5. Positive Secondary points shown on the ranking page (E.g for 24/10 Positive Secondary points are 24).
    6. Least number of forfeits/noshows.
  2. A forfeit loss corresponds to a loss of all maps. No map scores will be entered. A no-show is regarded as a forfeit loss.
  3. A clan that forfeits a group match for the second time will be removed from the Cup.
  4. If a clan leaves the cup with only one match to go, then the last match will be considered a forfeit loss and all the clan's matches will count for the ranking. This rule does not apply however to clans that had already forfeited a match or that had won or lost all their previous matches.
  5. If a clan leaves the cup after having qualified for the playoffs, it can be replaced by the clan ranked below it in its group.

8. Wildcards

  1. Each clan is given 1 wildcard, which it can use to cancel and reschedule a planned group match, for whatever reason. Clans are strongly advised to cherish their wildcard until they really need it because of bad luck (e.g. connection problems). Using the wildcard lightly and then losing a later match because of real problems would be a painful way to be eliminated from the cup.
  2. The wildcard can be used up until the match start time as shown on the Roster Page. If a clan attempts to use a Wildcard after the match start time they will forfeit the match.
  3. A wildcard used against a clan that later quits the cup is not restored.
  4. Clans that try to use their wildcard a second time lose by forfeit. It is not the cup admins responsibility to check whether a clan already used its wildcard.
  5. When a wildcard is used, the clans have to reschedule the match immediately to one of the days into the same or the following matchweek of the original match date, and inform the supervisor. If no agreement is communicated to the Supervisor within 48hrs of the original match time, he may force the match to be played as he sees fit.
  6. Wildcards can not be used for playoff matches. A playoff match can only be postponed by decision of the supervisor. Problems that affect only 1 player will never be sufficient reason to postpone a playoff match.

9. Cheating and Anti-cheating

  1. ClanBase's cheating and abuse policy applies to this cup.
  2. All programs or files, be they changed game files or new files, that change or edit the game or add to its functionality, or that interact with the game in any way, are strictly forbidden. The use of any forbidden program or file by any clan member during a cup match will lead to the exclusion of the clan from the Cup. The use of such program or file outside the cup may lead to the same sanction.
  3. Programs that do not interact with the game in any way are allowed, even if they can be used and operated simultaneously with the game. Voice communication programs are examples of such programs.
  4. It is not allowed to take advantage of or abuse bugs. Any kind of bug abuse is considered cheating and will lead to a forfeit loss.
  5. For situations not covered by the rules, the supervisors will consult with ClanBase's Chief Cup Supervisors and together they will make decisions based on the spirit of the existing rules and in the interests of justice.
  6. The following things are not allowed:
    • Custom models and skins are not allowed. This goes for the player models/skins as well as the weapon models/skins. Custom crosshairs are allowed.
    • Replacing all your skins with one Allied or Axis skin is not allowed.
    • Custom map textures are not allowed.
    • Moving inside walls or the sky ('map swimming') or using map bugs to look through/over walls is not allowed. It is exploiting a bug in the map and is considered a cheat.
    • The use of scripts that change the way DoD was made, such as 'silentrun', 'centerview script' and 'norecoil scripts', is not allowed.
    • The abuse of grenade bugs is not tolerated.
    • Wallgliding (using wallbug to reach higher places) is not allowed and is considered cheating.
  7. Clans that are caught artificially worsening the quality of their connections to a server while testing them will be removed from the cup.
  8. Every player is supposed to record ineye-demos and keep them for at least 21 days. He has to upload them to the clanbase ftp if the supervisor(s) asks him to do so. Demos can only be requested by the supervisor(s) and NOT by the teams. If there is a HLTV Demo available you need to gather all evidence first before you can request an ineye-demo via the supervisor(s). It is NOT allowed to make any public accusations, send all evidences/suspicious facts to both supervisors only and wait until an official decision has been made. Please note: in case of the accused player can not provide his ineye demos, the evidence from the HLTV demo (and/or other ineye demos) will be used, e.g. in cheat cases (even if it might not be 100% accurate). The definitions of "small/larger parts missing" won't be made public in order to prevent an abusing of this rule.
  9. Teamleaders (or their representative on the gameserver) need to take endround screenshots (automated ones) and status screens before start of the round
  10. Every player is suppose to play every match with X-Ray. The following punishments apply:
    • Forgetting X-Ray the first time will result in a yellow card for the team and the player will be barred for the next match.
    • If the same player forgets X-Ray in another match, or more than 1 player forget X-Ray in 1 match, a red card will be handed out & the players will be barred for the next match.
    • If X-Ray is missing a third time the clan get`s a second red card and will be removed from the cup.
  11. If a player or clan is caught cheating after a cup is finished but before prizes have been handed out, ClanBase reserves the right to withhold the prizes.

10. Changes and Exceptions

  1. These rules are subject to change at any time. Changes made after the start of the season will always be reported on the cup page. All clans are expected to know all the rules; not knowing them is no valid excuse for not following them.
  2. Any issue that affects a Cup Supervisor's own clan may not be handled by that supervisor. It must be handled by the other supervisor or by a ClanBase Crew member. For problems that the supervisors can't solve, or for complaints about the supervisors, competitors can mail to . Mails containing abusive language, a case in which the rules have been correctly applied or any issue that has not been discussed with a supervisor first will all be ignored.

Match rules

11. Server Settings

  1. Checking the server settings is both clans' responsibility. If a certain setting is wrong they should alert the referee immediately. Matches will not be replayed or restarted because of a wrong setting that could have been reported before or in the beginning of the match.
  2. It is not allowed to change any server settings after the match has started without both clans agreeing to it. Failure in following this rule will result in a default loss of the match.
  3. All matches need to be played with the configs which can be found on the cuppage. The clan which has rcon access to the server(s) is responsible for executing this config properly.

12. Client Settings

  1. Client settings are the same as found in the ClanBase configs.

13. Match Rules - general

  1. Group matches are predefined by the roster.
  2. The maplist for this cup is:
    • Lennon
    • Anzio
    • Argentan
    • Harrington
    • Salerno
  3. Spots on the map that weren't intended to walk on are strictly forbidden. Not knowing if a spot is illegal or not, is NOT an excuse. If you have doubts about certain spots, contact the supervisor(s) (#clanbase.dods).
  4. Boosting is allowed in cases where you help a teammate to get on normal, legal places in the map.
  5. Team scores of all games are added to determine the total score.
  6. All players must record demos from the whole match. Both clans may request the demos from the other clan during a match conflict as long as they have a valid reason for wanting the demos. 2on2: 1 per map, 3on3: 2 per map, 4on4: 3 per map, 5on5: 4 per map. If a clan hasn't uploaded its demos on the ClanBase FTP within 48 hours from the stated match time on ClanBase or will result in a forfeit loss and a red card.
  7. Demos must be kept until the result has been accepted on by the cup supervisor. If either clan decides to request demos in case of a conflict they must also explain their reasons for doing so.
  8. If a clan fails to provide all the requested demos, or if some of the requested demos are broken or missing 3 or more rounds, a forfeit loss will be awarded against the clan who failed to provide the requested demos. If both clans fail to provide the requested demos the match will be cancelled and a double forfeit will be submitted. as both clans have violated cup rules. Clans and players repeatedly failing to provide demos will be removed and suspended from the following seasons cups.
  9. In case a clan wants demos from the opponent the clan should immediately state the exact demos they want (player and map). If the clan doesn't comply with this request the opponent is free to upload any demo of the match as he sees fit. A clan can only request demos once in a conflict and only during the first 3 days. Other requests will be ignored.
  10. After the requested demos are uploaded, the complaining clan has a further 48 hours in which to specify specific points in the demo to check. If they fail to do so it will be assumed they have no complaints.

14. Match Rules - qualifier matches

  1. A player may only play a qualifier with 1 clan.
  2. Players who played for the winning clan in a qualifier will not be allowed to play for any other team in the cup (EuroCup + Open Cup) during the first 3 match weeks. This rule seeks to discourage players who do not intend to compete with the clan from 'helping' it qualify.
  3. Players who played for the losing clan in a qualifier must first go through the new member procedure (as described in the Clans And Players section) before they can play for another clan.

15. Match Rules - group matches

  1. The map is played 2x20 minutes, with each clan playing both Allies and Axis once.

16. Match Rules - playoff matches

  1. Each clan pick a map that will be played 2x15 minutes. Each clan will play both Allies and Axis once on each map.
  2. On their own home maps, clans can decide the side they want to start as.
  3. If the match ends in a draw (both clans have the same total score), it will go into extra time: both maps are played again for 2x5 minutes. This will be repeated until there is a winner.

17. Roster and Scheduling

  1. A predefined roster determines which match must be played in which week. Group matches are to be played in the week specified in the roster. However if both clans request it, a match can also be scheduled on the monday of the next week.
  2. The exact match date and time must be arranged by the clans before the Sunday that precedes the match week. The exact scheduling deadline is Saturday midnight CET.
  3. To challenge another clan, use the Roster page. To accept a challenge or make a counter challenge, use the Pending page. A challenge that was accepted can still be rescheduled until the scheduling deadline.
  4. If by Saturday midnight CET the clans still haven't succeeded in scheduling the match, the following procedure is to be followed:
    • Both clans have to send an email to the supervisor before Sunday 22h CET, in which they explain what the problem is and specify all the dates and times (during the match week) on which they can play.
    • After 22h CET on Sunday, the supervisor will force any matches not scheduled by the clans themselves without further consulting them.
    • If both clans mailed the supervisor then he will pick a date on which both clans can play if there is one. If there isn't then the supervisor will favour the more flexible clan; i.e. the clan that can play on the most dates. If there is doubt about which clan is more flexible then the supervisor divides the week in 9 slots (7 evenings + Saturday afternoon + Sunday afternoon = 9) and counts the number of slots in which each clan is available. Therefore a clan that can provide 5 or more evenings/weekend afternoons on which it can play can be certain that the match will be scheduled on one of them.
    • If only one of the two clans mailed the supervisor then he will always pick a date/time that suits that clan.
    • If neither clan sent a mail then he will schedule the match as he sees fit.
    • During the match week, any scheduled match, be it scheduled by the clans themselves or by the supervisor, can only be rescheduled if both clans agree on a new date/time in the same match week and if both inform the supervisor of this by email at least 1 day before the original date of the match. Rescheduling on the day of the match will require a wildcard being used.

Match Proceedings

18. General

  1. The match may not begin before the Referee is ready.
  2. If the server crashes during a match, the map will be restarted only if the crash occurred less than 1 minute after the start, or during the 1st round for round-based games. In all other cases the remaining time (rounded to the closest minute and with a minimum of 2 minutes) or rounds will be played, after which the scores will be added to determine the map win.
  3. The break between maps will be exactly 10 minutes unless the clans ready up themselves. The match referee may force the map start if players don't ready up in time.
  4. The match will never be paused, whatever happens and whatever the reason for requesting the pause is.
  5. The break between maps will be exactly 10 minutes unless the clans ready up themselves. The Referee may force the map start if players don't ready up in time.
  6. If the server crashes during a match, the map will be restarted only if the crash occurred less than 1 minute after the start, or during the 1st round for round-based games. In all other cases the remaining time (rounded to the closest minute and with a minimum of 2 minutes) or rounds will be played, after which the scores will be added to determine the map win.
  7. The Referee / Supervisor has the right to ask you to take ingame screenshots (e.g. with models on it). In case the Supervisor(s) ask you afterwards to send these screenshots you have to provide them immediately.
  8. The match admin will pause the match whenever a player overflows or crashes. The pause may last no longer than 5 minutes (enough time to reboot and reconnect). The maximum total pause time is 10 minutes per map per team. The server can be paused no more than 5 times for the same player's problem (i.e. repeated lag bursts) during the entire match. After that, the player has to play with his problem or be replaced. Tactical timeouts are not allowed.

19. After the Match

  1. The matchresults can be entered by a Referee/Writer if the screenshots have been sent to him. You always have to send in the results and screenshots to the Cup Supervisors even if a Referee/Writer enters the score for you!
  2. Demos can be uploaded to ClanBase. Read here for instructions.
  3. In case the supervisor(s) ask you to upload the serverlogs you have to provide them unmodified immediately. Make sure that your server is logging and that you have access to the logfiles.
  4. The one who executed the config must send the status screen(s) immediately.
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